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Juliana Warde is a multidisciplinary artist from Northern Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati
Ohio. Her fascination with art started at a young age, which ultimately led her to obtaining a
BFA from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program.
As a young artist, Juliana was strongly influenced by her art teacher, Craig Lipscomb. He played a key role in the development of her early abstract pieces. The impact he
had on both her life and her art inspired her to do the same for others. This led her on a journey
to find meaningful jobs in which she could work with her community in an artistic setting. She
found this when she began working at the Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center, an organization
that offers community art classes. It
began as an internship but grew into a lasting relationship with the organization and the
community of artists it created.
She hopes that through the work she makes, the way she teaches, and her involvement in
community, she will provide a meaningful and therapeutic experience for others, just like they
do for her.